How do i know if i have herpes? The very first way you realize when you have genital herpes is from the features which will appear. Such as itchiness, ache, and also sores in your genital area or around the mouth area as well as facial area. However, all these symptoms usually do not always appear immediately and that means you might have been infected with the infection long time before you realize you have it.

The symptoms of genital herpes are the very least prevalent of any kind of sexually transmitted disease which makes it essentially the most fearsome in the respect that you might contain the disease, not know it because of lack of signs, and therefore infect someone else without knowing it. This fear is what makes it important to answer the question how to do you know if you have genital herpes. When symptoms do present themselves, the first outbreak is usually the worst. The good news is that some people never experience another outbreak. The bad news is that some people can experience outbreaks up to 40 years past the first one.

Some symptoms of genital herpes are small, red bumps and blisters or open sores in the genital and anal area. Also, pain and/or itching around the genital, anal, and thigh area. The first outbreak begins within weeks of being infected starting with itching, which turns into small, red bumps or blisters, which end up as open sores that ooze, they scab over and eventually heal, but the infection is permanent; there is no known cure for this disease. Other symptoms are that it may be painful to urinate and the genital area may be tender until the outbreak is over. During the first outbreak, you may experience the same symptoms as you would if you had the flu: headache, muscle aches, and fever.

If you think you have herpes, you need to see a doctor because they are the ones who can answer the question “How do i know if i have herpes” for sure. If you find out you do have it, it is important to be honest and tell every sexual partner you have about it so they can get tested as well.

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