GMO food is a topic that many people are really passionate about and the opinions are very polar. This article does not represent the opinions of and is only a reflection of my personal opinion based on my own research.

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest arguments used against genetically modified foods. That argument is that we don’t know what kind of effect these foods will have on our bodies and what the modified genetics of our food will do to our own genetics. People who use this argument seem to have no idea how the digestive system works or how genetics work. These are not medical professionals posing questions like this. I would hope that my doctors knew how digestion and the absorption of chemical energy work. If they don’t, it’s time that they turn in their medical uniforms. There is no living thing on this planet that takes the genetic code of their food source and adds it to their genetic code. Food is broken down into base components and absorbed to be metabolized into chemical energy. I don’t need to wear medical uniforms to tell you that. I learned that in middle school.

Even if that were the case, we consume mutants and genetic off shoots every day. Breeding and reproduction are driven by completely random genetic combinations that result in innumerable combinations with unpredictable outcomes. We don’t suffer from diseases because the genetic code of our food is “bad”. If there were any risk to my health from the genetic code of the corn I had for dinner then I would want corn with designer genetics that have been checked and quality controlled. I wouldn’t trust nature. The truth; I trust nature and nature is constantly performing countless genetic experiments every time a new generation is born. All the people in lab coats and nurse scrubs are doing is deciding which genes are chosen in the process of gene sequencing.

I also want to make it clear that there are none of the animal and plant crossovers that you see people waving signs about. Those do not get into the food market and never make it out of the labs. Truth be told, there are more restrictions on GMO food than any other kind of food.

The long and the short; No, GMO food is not inherently bad for you. There is no conspiracy to spend billions of dollars researching food that is going to kill us. What possible reason could there be for the food industry to do this and trick us into thinking these foods are safe? The isn’t one.

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